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Monthly Membership Fee: 💲50

Yearly Membership Fee: 💲149 – SPECIAL OFFER


-This is a plan for all those who are unsure of our services, we know that there are a lot of scammers on the internet, and that some our potential clients are scared. For this reason, we have made a monthly plan for our clients. In this group on Telegram, every day you will receive 3-5 tips with an winning rate of 75% per month. After the end of your month, we are convinced that you will pay the yearly plan,like it’s the case with 90% of our monthly members!


-This is for our clients who made large amounts of money in their first month. Why pay 12 times $50 if you can pay just $149 once? Of course, we all know the answer. To avoid confusion, the monthly and yearly plan are the same, the 75% monthly pass rate is the same, but the yearly savings are huge (as much as $ 500 per year). Also, when you enter an yearly group, you will get a small surprise😉

PS: When we receive your payment, our support service will immediately contact you and send you invitation link.

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